Dear business partner,

We would like to take the opportunity to introduce to you our company and services.

The company was founded in 1997, and is focused on the sale of airduct’s and conditioning accessories.

The main program of the company is the sale of airduct’s profiles. The add-in program of the company is sale of fastening products, building blocks and accessories.

On behalf of the aim to offer to our customers the highest quality, we bring to our market only first quality goods.

Our company guarantees the quality of goods, which is confirmed by fact that we have not any sales returns.

Ing. Tibor Jedinák,
the company director

Our company offers the following benefits

We bring first-class Made in Germany products from Europe’s leaders in the field of air conditioning.

We continuously complement and upgrade our catalogue in accordance with the latest technology and trends.

Consultation and the possibility to secure additional products through the supplier network of partners.


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Companies awarded a Trusted Company certificate are seen by customers and suppliers as a reliable and trusted partner.

A prospective customer gains much better confidence in a company that has been valued by an external, independent organization than a company that has no valuation of this type.

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We believe that you choose appropriate goods from our assortment, which make your work more effective.

Adresa: JENEX Dobšiná, s.r.o., Kúpeľná 983, Dobšiná 049 25
Tel: +421 58 7941 241-2
Fax: +421 58 7941 431
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